Best Headphones with good Bass under 100 to 300 Dollars

How amazing your Headphone sounds? It matters, especially in terms of Good Bass..

Want to setup you own concert arena?

Grab a pair of best bass headphones and live those spellbound moments as desired.

The Headphone and Bass is most debated topic in good bass headphone segment.

Headphone Bass produce unique depth effect in between your ears which inject a new dimension to your listening.

We are here for Best Bass Headphones so the type, quality and amount of Bass dominates in our performance evaluation. Bass infused mass and power to music that’s why headphones with good bass reproduce much lively, richer and impactful output.

Further, all exclusively picked products arranged in the ascending order of overall values. Further, As deeper you go the Quality of Good Bass Headphones happens better.

Best Bass Headphones:

  1. Panasonic RP-HTF600-S

For all those searching for great sounding bass enriched, best under $50 over-ear headphone, the line stop here. Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Dj Monitors made an exclusive choice for the same.

Did you ever heard, that high quality packaged product comes at affordable price.? mostly not. This surprise combo of powerful bass, lightweight and comfortability don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

It’s almost entire plastic built reflected well in lightweight and ergonomic designing. Which Allows you hours long comfortable listening without any hitch.

Smooth and secure headband adjustments incorporated with Large extra-soft foam earpads and active-fit two-step mechanism. It stays in place even when your head moves along the music beats.

Headphone’s  noise isolation is good enough to enhance  your overall music experience.

RP-HTF600-S monitor’s most prominent feature is one-sided freestyle monitoring. It’s flip away oval earcups made that possible, you can perform beatmatching with both current audio output and upcoming tracks altogether.

Professional length 9.8-foot chords give additional convenience. Now stay connected with your music system on the sofa or moving around in space, the single-sided cable never bothers you.

These cans deliver you warm, crisp, fine-detailed sound. Large 50mm Drivers along with neodymium magnets produces balanced and profound impactful bass.Bass is much prominent than Beyerdynamic Dt235 and Sennheiser HD428.

The mid and highs are smooth and musical with well boosted lower ends. Stretched 10hz-27kHz frequency response gives you amazing clarity across the spectrum.

It has 24K gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug with 1/4″ adaptor. Now you can seamlessly connect your portable audio, home stereo, and other professional systems.

Noise isolation also good as per the semi-open headphone design. They are most effective when used at minimal background noise areas.

Sound dynamics are pretty good; enjoy almost everything from classic rock to modern music, which is dynamically compressed.

RP-HTF600-S are the DJ-styled monitor headphones has the superior value in its price segment. For more read the complete review here.

Package box consists of, Panasonic headphone, 9.8-foot cord, and adaptor.

For clean, well detailed, sharp bass-enriched sound, hidden in a sleek, sober and lightweight device, Panasonic RP-HTF600-S headphones is Best Under $50 budget ear-monitors.

Pros:- Great sounding budget Monitor headphone. High deep, impactful bass. Warm, crisp, detailed audio. Professional length cord. Dj style single-sided monitoring. Comfortable, rugged built.

Cons:- Plastic construction. Non-removable cable.

9. AKG K 240

This Professional semi-open studio headphone is our genuine next gen product in the line.

K 240 cans are classic and especially recommended for the various professional job like; precision listening, playback, mixing and mastering music. Any musician or sound professional would love to have them in possession.

The AKG over-ear studio-cans carry little, 55 ohms impedance with outstanding high volume. Thus makes them efficient to use with; keyboards, drum machines, portable studios and other project studio gears.

It’s integrated semi-open air designing delivers naturally free audio quality. Their highly accurate dynamic XXL transducer with varimotion diaphragms produces solid bass and extreme bright highs.

Large transducer transforms sound into life-size, three-dimensional form, which beautifully hook the emotive and sonic content of your soundtracks.

You can wear them for long working sessions, thanks to the circumaural pads which designed for ultimate comfort.

The earpad envelops your ears nicely so that you dive in its bass enriched well-balanced sound. Gimble-type suspension adjusts according to the shape of the ear and ensures a snug, exhaustion free listening.

Self-adjusting headband gives you optimum fitting.Flexible steel structure allows single ear use and also withstand any rough handling. It has 15 to 25kHz frequency range, good 1/8″ minijack and 1/4″ stereo connections.

Here you find some full professional features; the OFC screw-type single sided cable facilitates ease of wearing, and efficient audio interconnect. Plug-in style disposition reduces snarls, further resulting in enhancement of signal and sound quality.

Your adjustments or replacements made comfortable with its input detachable cable. And the mini XLR connector streamlines perfect and safe mechanical connection. High-grade copper construction and gold plated end-plugs are the logic for maximum signal transfer.

AKG also introduced a Stereo version of this segment AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones that cost you $50 more, check it out.

If we talk about adaptability, AKG cans are excellent for portable audios. They are capable of extracting high definition audio from low-output sources like PC, minidisc, and portable players. But the question still there, how.?

..Higher 91dB sensitivity and wide dynamic range set up the standards of studio or on stage performance requirements.For In-depth product analysis read here.

Product package includes; K240 studio monitors, cable, and connector.

AKG K 240 studio monitor headphones promote the enjoyment of digital home listening and on stage/studio’s live entertainment together. This uniqueness elevates him in the global choice zone of every music soul.

Pros:- Classic cans for studio and home jobs.Dynamic and ultra clear sound stage. Sturdy, well defined in-depth bass.Efficient design with excellent fittings. Extremely comfortable. Spacious, adapt even to bigger ears. Extended length cable. Incredible value budget product.

Cons:- Absence of cable aligned controls. Much smooth to muster the finest details.


Are you a die-hard bass fan, And an Audiophile too.? If yes.. don’t go away, these Sony extra bass earbuds custom made for you.

MDR-XB90EX earbuds are consistently picked up as the No.1 best bass in-ear headphones by many web-tech platforms.

Ear tips Advanced, Direct vibe structure, create an acoustically tight seal around your ears. Thus, delivers real bass with near perfect sound isolation. In Audiophile’s language, consolidation of sound isolation to preserve the bass within your ears.. pretty amazing!

Angled-duct made them most comfortable and prevented fall from your ears. Also, ensure the transmission of high-definition sound to be a part of its signature output.

Earbud consists of flat wire made with the rubbery plastic material and tangle-less feature; that ends into a 3.5mm audio plug.

These Earbuds are ready to go for long listening sessions; credit goes to the vertical in-ear designing.Eartips made out of hybrid silicon rubber, so they fit in smoothly without putting stress on them.

..Comfort and fitting are the important aspects of listening audio-gears because the variety of ear dimensions challenge need to address well. Here At XB90EX, Sony mastered it well.

Build quality is excellent and promises good durability. You can carry them around or throw in your backpack; they will stay longer.

Did you ever heard about an ‘In-Ear Headphone with 16mm driver units’.? This Trendy feature assists in amplifying the sound.

Here take a look at SONY MDR-XB90EX In-ear headphone key features:-

  • Much wider 04-27000Hz Headphone Frequency Response.
  • Top 16mm Headphone Driver Units with Neodymium magnet.
  • 200mW Maximum Power Input.
  • Efficient 16-ohm Impedance.
  • Revolutionary In-ear Canalphone design.

Bass is straight, In-depth and never goes out of order even at higher volume. Due to the advantage,.Indeed a real blessing. It gives the impression of subwoofer between your ears, at times when powered with a good amplifier.

These headphones sound best at R&B, hip-hop and dance music.

If you are a casual listener with the requirement of quality bass with clean, detailed sound, Check out the Sony MDR XB50AP right here.

Product packaging-box consists of; Headphone, one shirt clip, Nice storage case, 7 set (3 S/L size foam & 4 regular XS/L) ear tips and product description brochure.

Caution: Avoid listening too loud for much longer time, as they might affect your hearing. So, it’s better not to overplay them.

All Audiophile or casual listeners require High-grade In-Ear headphone. Here they come with deep, powerful sub-bass and excellent comfort level; that’s too at affordable cost. Nobody even thinks to loose SONY MDR-XB90EX Headphones.

Want to know about various actual user opinions.? Check user reviews here.

Pros:- Richer extra sub bass. Ultimate comfort giver. Durable design. Ability to work without Amplifiers. Greater acoustic noise isolation.Wider soundstage. Precise, clean mids and highs. Flat cables. Good value for money product.

Cons:- Lack of Microphone/Remote. Slightly large housing. A bit tight to fit in smaller ear canals. Might be uncomfortable to sleep on side with them

7. Monster DNA

DNA is flamboyant, yet very productive On-Ear Device with sculpted bass rich and detailed sound. These headphones will specially tune for livewire performances.

Monster are the world’s frontline designer for high-performance Ear-Monitors.

These headphones stand out in the crowd with trendy, futuristic designing. For Beat by Dr. Dre fan, here is the genuine reason to treat themselves. Keep moving further for more information.

Let’s find out, what you got Inside the Box: The attractive Packaging-box contains following- DNA on-ear Folding Ear Monitors, Control talk-cable for Apple i0S devices. Two no hassle tangle-free flat cables, 3.5mm mini to mini, Classy carrying pouch and a Monster cleaning cloth.

Device mostly made up of thick plastic material; hinge strengthened with metal reinforcement.It weighs comparatively light 9.8 ounces.

Earcups exterior face embellished an attractive Monster’s logo.It’s unique triangular-shape instantly create a buzz, consisting metallic dark-grey coloured triangular plates. Earpiece folds upward; now you can store them easily.

..Further, a 3.5mm triple contact audio port concealed at the bottom of both metal plates. So, that you can plug your smartphone or MP3 player into either ear.

Pads are of excellent quality to enhance the comfort factor; rubber headband padding is good enough for optimum comfort.

Indeed, their design and appearance made them a worth of your fashion accessories. It comes in 14 attractive colours; you can even further customize into optional skin overlays.

DNA’s signature feature: Here you got the ‘shared listening ‘ advantage.Now enjoy your favourite music/movies with your partner, credit goes to its Dual connection function.

With this Ear-Monitor, you got two flat body tangle-free Audio cables. One cable consists of inline remote with built-in Mic, specifically for your iOS gadgets.Other is the regular mic-less cable. Both are removable, and you can replace them in the case of brokage.

In term of performance, they deliver full detailed bass powered audio with monster sound technology. Bass extension is good, and control proves even better, treble packed with energy.

Noise cancellation is good with pillow soft advanced cushions. They keep unwanted noise out and enable to enjoy music in private without disturbing others. Also, you can make and receive calls loud and disruption free. Browse here for complete review.

If you are searching for an Over-Ear Headphone with active noise-cancellation application, do check Monster Inspiration model, that cost you an extra $5 bill.

Monster DNA Headphones are the genuine worthy choice to all such Music lovers, especially those for bold bass. For the combined package value of Monster signature design, Music share and detachable cable features, you never regret your choice.

Point to Ponder: Read the User Instructions carefully, that said you must avoid extended listening to highest volumes. It helps to prevent your hearing from any possible damage.

Pros:- Fabulous innovative design.Quality warm audio. Firmly focused bass with energetic Treble.Compact foldable and lightweight. Special in-line mic and control for Apple devices.Removable cable with an additional one. Plenty colour options with customized skins.

Cons:- Full Plastic construction. Might be less convenient on bigger heads.

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

If you are looking for a Professional Studio Monitor headphone that also perform well at office desk listening, also good in Djing and music production. The ATH-M50X Over-Ear Monitors is a perfect choice for you.

…At Amazon- It is the Best Selling product in Recording Headphone Audio Monitors segment.

This Studio-style ear-monitor is far better when compared to other higher priced brands like Beats by Dr. Dre. They significantly well sound and built much better. A renowned tech expert with reputed web-platform says; M50X is the benchmark of headphones, that’s why he have been recommending for close to ten years.

A famous tech expert with reputed web-platform says; M50X is the benchmark of headphones regarding reproduced audio.That’s why he have been recommending for close to ten years. Also, top praised by various review platforms across the segment.

The audio performance is of the highest standard, exceptionally clear throughout the complete frequency range. Its 45mm big-aperture drivers and are earth magnets and copper coated aluminium voice coils make it possible.

Clear detailed sound laden with deep, accurate bass, midrange, and treble. In result, you got an incredible sounding ear monitors.

Circumaural Earcup design provides you an excellent noise isolation, even in loud surroundings. A necessary trait for professional grade audio gears.

For your better comfort; 90-degree rotatable earcups gives plenty access regarding easy one-ear monitoring.

Professional-grade leather Cushioned Earcups and Headband Material provide you Extreme comfort and longer durability.

Replaceable cable is it’s Bonus feature, which comes in three different useful (long, short and coiled) versions.Now you can switch or replace wires as per requirement and choice. These wires terminate into heavy duty reinforced plugs

The headphones fold flat for convenient storage.These Audio-Technica Ear-Monitors are available in Blue, White and Black colour options. Order package box matches the colour of your chosen gadget.

If you are looking for lower priced model of identical specifications, must go through ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitors. Don’ worry it also carries trusted Audio Technica standards.

Prime M50X bonus; they sound better throughout all music genres. Furthermore, you can enjoy acoustic-oriented music at its best.

For Smart professional and office-desk uses, clean, detailed bass loaded audio, detachable multi-cable options and comfortable dynamic listening across zones is necessary. ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphone is your highest rated option in the segment. And, it is well worthy and trusted.

We know, now you are much curious for further in-depth analysis. Just browse to find complete product review here.

Pros:- Classic studio monitor headphones. Excellent Built quality. Well-detailed balanced sound with precise deep bass. Admirable cushiony Earcup. Removable cable feature with 3(one short, one long and one coiled) cables. Best-in-class value product.

Cons:- Absence of In-line phone and remote controls on cables. The big over-ear design makes them less-smartphone friendly.

5. Plantronics BackBeat PRO

BackBeat Pro is the most affordable alternative to the brands like Bose and Beats. It is a Wireless Hi-fi Stereo Headphone from Plantronics.

This device is compatible with all iOS, Android and other devices. Also titled the “Swiss Army Knife of Bluetooth Headphones”.

These headphone equipped with advanced noise cancelling technology and Mics. Even top choice $300 Bose’s QuiteComfort25 headphones lacks wireless feature.

It has unique on demand Active noise-cancelling capability. Now you can block out unwanted background noises as per requirement without interrupting your activities.

With BackBeat Pro, you got the effect of rich bass, natural mid-tones and crisp highs of music in the most luxurious manner. We are sure. You won’t like to take them off too early.

..With deep bass you got the full understandings of bass guitar’s tonality. Active noise cancelling circuit further shape your audio. Headphone with turned on ANC, sound very different, and this is the general scenario of this category.

Use it with or without, it assists you to focus and lost in your thoughts. Exclusive OpenMic feature allows you to check the outside world as per your choice.You have complete control over the amount of ambient noise.

Here you got another unique application; that is Power reserve. Plantronics technology delivers you 24 hours continuous music streaming. It has a handy 3.5mm audio cable for wired connectivity.

It has a convenient 3.5mm audio cable for wired connectivity. Efficient NFC feature provides Auto pair mode on every first-time use with the additional pairing functionality.

Automatic pause features for ANC and streaming Audio, out-of-range hibernation mode keeps the battery powered longer.

We are going to introduce you some additional features of BackBeat Pro –

  • Easy switch between devices: while enjoying a movie on the tab you can quickly answer calls on the smartphone.
  • Control over Experience: With on-ear audio control, you can tailor music and answer calls.
  • Auto Pause and Play: As you remove or put on your headphone, the sensors pause or resume music play accordingly.

These Plantronics headphone available in only one colour, as see in pictures.The style is bit unassuming but perfectly merged with your office environment.

With plastic construction, they gone bit heavier 12.72 ounces in comparison to others. The comfort level is quite good in long hearing sessions.

If you want a Stereo Bluetooth wireless version, go for Plantronics Backbeat Sense at a relatively low pricing.

Let’s see what you got inside the Box: Headphone on recycled cardboard backing, Further inside you will found a heavy duty carrying bag. And the bag contains 3.5mm audio cable with mic and remote and product manual.

For an excellent wireless headphone with a bagful of killer features, that’s too at highly competitive and affordable prices,.Plantronics BackBeat PRO is nearly impossible to avoid,.Go for them.For complete product review check here.

Pros:- Magnificent wireless headphone. Unique Noise cancelling capability. Robust, comfortable design. Loads of decent features. Best-in-segment battery performance. Superior bass richer audio quality. Powerful 40mm Drivers.High-grade NFC application. Relatively low competitive pricing. Upmarket spoken alerts and notification.

Cons:- Comparatively heavy at 360 grams. With a wired connection, the on-board control is missing.Earcup’s Power and ANC switches prone to get you confused.

4. Shure SRH840

Sound Professional, Audio Engineers, Musicians and critical listeners require high-grade monitor headphones for their particular needs. A full-size,

Are you one of the above class or require likewise audio-gadget. Then, A full-size closed-back over-ear device can do the job.

Shure SRH840 Monitor Headphones stands as one of the best alternatives. And, it is specially optimized for studio monitoring and analytical listening. An appropriate combination of supreme listening with sheer comfort and durability.

Let’s begin with Design and Built; SRH840 comes with the closed-back circumaural design that is ergonomically fit on your ears. Collapsable earcups is an aid to transport and storage.

Flexible Headband design delivers you remarkable comfort throughout extended listening sessions. It is possible due to the adjustable, padded and moisture wicking fabric demeanour.

Memory foam earpads further raise the bar of isolation and pleasure to next level. The pad surface is soft, well padded and comfortable on the skin.

Shure ear-monitors meant for long operational life; it comes with replaceable cable and an extra set of predecessor ear pads. The 9.8 foot(3.0m) long Cable using 2.5mm stereo connection, and you can lock it in place with a simple twist.

The closed back design greatly decrease the amount of sound in or out of your ear canal. Thus, itself beneficial for active monitoring tasks. Due to this reason majority of Studio-grade headphones use this design.

The Sound is like real life, with 10Hz-22kHz frequency range listening made you feel like an actual performance. These reference headphones were transparent in every way. You can make mix and equaliser adjustment without any hindrance.

SRH840 Monitors are very clear sounding and bright disposition audio gadgets.Here you got the opportunity to dive deep into music details, even without spoiling the overall balance. That is an unusual edge on the positive side.

.. In Audio analysis, you find in-depth, detailed midrange and sweet treble without being forward.The end-result is in the form of exceptional versatility, means you can enjoy any sort of music even movie watching.

Now time to check the packaging box: Here you have SRH840 headphone, Shure carrying/storage soft pouch, 3.5mm to 6.5mm gold-plated stereo plug adapter, One firm clamp. One pair additional replacement earpads and owner’s manual.

You can read elaborate product review at Head-Fi.

The best feature is Free two years ‘repair or replaces’ Shure’s manufacturer warranty. If you want to experience Shure at lower price segment, consider Shure SRH440 Studio Professional Headphones. It costs you $100 cheaper.

For Higher-grade Reference series entertainment, try Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones.

Shure SRH840 Pro Monitoring Headphone is highly recommendable. Tremendous all-around home and studio applications, high worth product value, extended user flexibility and superb lively audio, makes it a perfect package. All these capabilities transform it into an outstanding performer.

Pros:- Standard Studio Monitoring Headphones. Superior noise isolation. Massive, extra comfortable earcups. Excellent Build quality. Amazingly clear, detailed sound. Warm bass rich sonic entertainment.Supplementary replacement earcups. Great sounding with all music genres. Immense value product. Extended product life.

Cons:- Little heavier in the segment. Might be uncomfortable for extra large ear-sizes.

3. NAD – VISO HP50

A Unique over-ear headphone that becomes Audiophile’s favourite since a long time.

If you are looking for an all-around headphone that sounds damn good, VISO HP50 is fine-tuned to your requirements.This device is specially tailored to deliver the warm, open audio of live stage up to your ears.

The manufacturer ‘NAD’ says- We don’t care about your lifestyle. We care about your ears.

Sophisticated ‘Room Feel Technology’ is its innovative feature.This technique allows you to sense and feel the music around you, not just robot way.

A real headphone innovation, that significantly improves the sound-stages and get the music out of your head. So, that you will able to feel each pulse, beat and finer details of your favourite recordings. Now we move towards a quick analysis.

Tech-specs: VISO HP50 is one of the smallest hybrid models, has the following.

  • Excellent Bass extension; 3dB at 15Hz
  • 20-20k Hz widespread frequency response.
  • 40mm Dynamic Drivers.
  • 32-ohm impedance.
  • Tw0 4.2’91.3m) detachable cables,

Design: A unique product from NAD assembly-line. The unconventional earcups are acoustically optimized, and houses twin powerful drivers. The sound output is pretty much clear, precise and natural.

Ultra soft Earcups swivel completely flat, and you can easily slip into storages like pouch or laptop backpack.

It is a lightweight device with superb comfort.Designing is at its best, and available in white, red and black color options.

Specifications: Your HP50 closed back headphone come with two flat chords. One of which has three buttons multi-click for iOS gadgets. Other is conventional one-meter long headphone cord terminates into 3.5 mm audio jack.

You can perform loads of task with this;iTunes music and full-fledged call functionality with ease.

High-quality inline Mic delivers you crystal clear voice calling and control. Also compatible with the most devices headphone output.

Performance: Mostly loved by Audiophiles, those seeking better-balanced audio. It gives a very distinctive performance, sounds big and natural. The Bass is not dominating or sound artificial. Voices and instruments feel real and believable.

Regarding sensitivity, NAD able to reach the volume level of lower powered headphone.Again this is a quite impressive feat.

Here the benefits- It can go quick loud on your command, also reach practical volume levels without pushing the headphone amp. Too hard.

Due to the impressive noise isolation and sensitivity, you can happily go for longer listening sessions.Even in the noisy public environment, it is quite enjoyable.

Inside the Packaging-box; You got HP50 headphone with accessories- two 1.3m cords(one for Apple devices and other is standard one), Padded leather carrying case, another small pouch for accessories. Also got 3.5mm to 0.25 inches airline adaptor.

All those looking for an Audiophile-grade Headphone that won’t break your vault NAD VISO HP50 is a must buy. For, Precise detailed sound, Incredible sensitivity and nice build quality it makes an excellent package to choose.

Browse here for detailed product review.

Pros:- Trademarked Roomfeel Technology. Very effective noise isolation. Multirole versatile player. Impressive, accurate and clean audio. Well designed and extremely comfortable.Amazingly sensitive. No need of headphone amplifier.Excellent tonal balance.Bagful of accessories.

Cons:- Not that bright, funky design. The glossy finish of ear cups more prone to pick up your fingerprints. Yu may realize that deal gone expensive, but the sound quality fully worth of price.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM

Beyerdynamic gadgets always a treat for Bass lovers. DT 990 Premium 600 Ohm Headphones is an excellent option for home studio, headphone amplifier, and other high power requirements.

It is a fully open dynamic device, specially designed for Audiophile listeners. Here you got the detailed audio reproduction from deepest sub bass to higher highs.

Such higher impedance headphones deliver you, unparalleled clarity and response. Due to much power requirement, they are most suitable for high-end applications.

Build quality & Design: Handcrafted DT990 features an open-back circumaural design, so they allow everything to breathe well. Due to this, you can listen much longer without getting tired. The build quality is rugged but sleek enough to look catchy.

Build quality is robust but smooth enough to look appealing. Ribbed outer section made up of shiny metal. Highly Flexible spring steel Headband is well padded with leatherette material.

Fitting is great, and the clamping force is just right around your outer ears. They are light enough at 0.63 pounds(270 gms).

Earpads made up of valour, another Beyerdynamic exclusivity.They are so comfy that, you can wear them without even realising they are on your hearing senses. These pads are removable, can clean them or replace with leather if you like.

Bass & Audio: These are real Bass heavy cans, you found a delightful, deep and punchy Bass.

The Soundstage is open airy and very precise. It’s amazingly strong neodymium magnet system infuse quality in sound reproduction. You feel the Audio is pretty wider and more realistic in nature.

Beyerdynamic made their dynamic transducer systems in-house. Also, they keep strict control over all production stages and ensure that every minute detail to be touched.

Large 600 0hm voice coil provides you, an unsurpassed clarity response and greater impulse fidelity sound.

For Maximum Results; You require to add-on a good amplifier. They do have a fantastic sound, but without amplification, you will unable to enjoy their real potential.

We recommend some great options like Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi HD, Music Fidelity-V10 and DacMagic 100, etc. For more related details check our Post” Top 9 Best USB DAC under $300: For Audiophiles.”

Quick Specs: Frequency Range – 5Hz to 35000Hz.

  • Impedance – 600 Ohms.
  • Transmission – Wired type.
  • Sound Pressure Level(SPL) – 96dB.

Cable & Plug – Straight connecting cable with Gold vapourised stereo mini-jack.

DT990 comes in two more variants. According to your requirement, you can choose the best suitable model.For your iOS, smartphones and portable media players, choose DT990 32 Ohm selection. To pair with your Home audio systems DT990 250 Ohm range is your best Headphone.

Let’s open the Package: Within the Box, you got DT990(600 Ohm) headphone, Screwable 6.35 mm / 1/4″ adaptor and Leatherette carrying case.

If you are in pursuit of a Great versatile Headphone, which specialises in high-end applications. The great Bass savvy Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM is your excellent option.

We sensed it; you are eager to know more about DT900 600Ohm headphone, just visit ahead for point-by-point product analysis.

Pros:- Fine-grained Dynamic Audiophile device. Innovative ‘Bass-reflex ‘system. Powerful Bass effect with deeper sub-Bass. Huge open sound. Best for original recordings.Highly comfortable and accommodating.Velour Earpads. Robust build quality. Elegantly made fully open-back headphone. Outstanding price/performance ratio.

Cons:- Lack of tonal balance and regular neutrality. Lesser punch at lower frequency level.

1. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

Why we pick this Headphone as our leading choice.? Find out below.

Are you looking for a high street headphone, which delivers incredible bass-rich audio with superior comfort.? Browse here, you going to love it.

Crossfade M-100 product synonymous of, Trendy good looks with trusted audio and comfort. This flagship product raises the bar through its cutting-edge feature, military-grade build quality, and sheer technology integration.

The Bass is always signature aspects of V-MODA.They are the pioneer of Fashion Headphone brands and keep focused on electronic and other modern music.

M-100 is a crossover gadget between the segment of versatile Audiophile and V-MODA’s core consumers.Since inception, these devices are modelled on style and fashion along with unique audio impressions.

In a very short period, the audio gadget world shook with their revolutionary 3D-printed headphones. These custom-built headphones bear the premium price value as high as $40000 in the market.

Let’s move over overall product we touch every important aspect systematically.

Built and Design: Made like they last forever. An exterior frame shaped with the steel frame and interchangeable aircraft-grade metal shields.The steel flex Headband covered with leather seems virtually indestructible. With underneath mesh pad lining, you can bend it 10+times flat.

Available in matte black, grey and white colour variants.

Diamond shaped, earcup metal plates customized to your personal Plastic earcups interior and shape optimized for long lasting comfort. Earcup move on metallic arms, you can swivel them for horizontal access.

For Supreme Travel-portability, just collapse them inwards onto hinges and both earcups submerged into headband cavity. Despite all visibly thick specs, it merely weighs 9.9 ounces.

The Memory foam, pads create a firm seal around ears to provide you a decent noise isolation level.

Here you got two Kevlar-reinforced cables; One 36 inches cable with in-line one button remote and Mic meant for iOS, Android, and Windows. Second 78 inches plain cable. Both terminates into 24k gold 3.5mmplug, which is 45 degrees angled.

The best thing with this headphone is, you can connect both cables in either of earcups.

Performance & Specifications: V-MODA Signature Bass is deep and so clear that you don’t miss a single beat.With vivid midrange and crystal clear ultra wide highs, you got a seamless audio across the 3D soundstage.

Patented 50mm powerful drivers has a unique capability, it has separate bass for mid and highs. You find a vibrant tonic display across the spectrum. In short, they sound pretty fantastic.

Quick Specs: Meritorious M-class sound fine tuned by more than 200 Audiophile connoisseur. Here find some prime features-

  • Cutting-edge Cliquefold design for reliable storage.
  • Impactful 5-20000Hz broad frequency spectrum.
  • Detachable highly useful, specific dual-cables.
  • Attention-to-detail; V-Cork protector for your not in use audio ports.
  • Battery-less pure natural sound processing.
  • Analog type noise isolation.
  • Military-level testified technology.

If you get addicted of Wireless listening, then V-MODA Crossfade Over-Ear Headphone -Rougeworks wonder on your ears. This military-grade proved device costs you $80 extra.

For On-ear mini headphone variant, check out V-MODA Crossfade M-80, the vocal, noise isolation metal headphone within $100 range.

What’s Inside the Box- Within the Coloured cardboard packaging, you got M-100 Headphone (Its hard shell earcups neatly folded under the headband).

An ultra compact Exoskeleton carrying case, Carabiner clip, Reinforced SpeakEasy Mic cable, Reinforced SharePlay audio cable and 24k gold 1/4″ pro adapter. You also got V-Cork(2) protector for unused audio ports, V-MODA sticker and six-star support code.

To know more about M-100, read the complete product analysis right here.

For Superior sound, comfort, durability, customization, style and portability V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphone is the best product to recommend ever in the segment.

Pros:- True fashionable Audiophile gadget.Highest comfort level and durability. Revolutionary designing. Rugged solid construction. Seamless customization.Exceptional pro-user applications. Punchy transparent Bass. A real delight for Electronic music.Dynamic, lively audio. Multiple inputs.

Cons:- Feel uncomfortable to wear around neck. A bit expensive but worth the price. Slightly heavier in the segment.

Best Bass Headphones: Important aspects to keep an Eye

To bring out the best of music, you require a headphone that produces richer bass along with high-grade sound quality.

What you do, just focus on specifications which perfectly sync with your gear and meet your style of living. Another significant factor is Comfort-level, convenience, and Portability,

Check the following features, before you invest:

  • Overall Performance –Sound quality is the single most deciding factor for best bass headphones. Pro bass designing, lower frequency response, larger Driver size and over-ear closed type of headphone boost the power of bass in audio.
  • Feature and Specs –Compatibility with your gears is the fundamental thing you should check beforehand. Other features like Mic, Inline remote, storage cases, and accessories require considering.
  • Design and Built –Along with sound, you also desire for a great look and feel. Comfort is of critical importance when you get exposed to pounding tunes throughout the listening.Headband adjustment and the weight of your ear device should be in proportion. The over-ear devices help to your hearing with good noise isolation.
  • Post-buying support and services –Manufacturer warranty and after-sale support services need to give equal weight.In future, if any issue arises with your purchase the customer support should ready to bail you out. How easily and quickly, you will able to contact support, it shows the business approach of the manufacturing company.

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